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Product Brand Name: Centrophenoxine®
Generic Name: Lucidril

Description: Centrophenoxine ‘cleans out’ the cells in your body and brain, improving their function and their longevity

Centrophenoxine has long being known to be extremely effective at reducing lipofuscin levels. Lipofuscin describes the potassium build up in the brain, heart, lung and skin cells. This biochemical clutter accumulates over a lifetime, sometimes reaching 30% of the cell volume in aged animals.

The more lipofuscin a cell accumulates, the less functional it becomes, and once a critical threshold has been reached the cell may die. Both human and animal studies have shown that low lipofuscin levels correlate with healthy cellular function, while high lipofuscin accompanies poor cellular health.

Through a variety of animal experiments measuring learning abilities and memory, aged animals whose high lipofuscin levels were reduced by Centrophenoxine, also had their memory and learning abilities restored to a level similar to healthy young animals, while untreated high lipofuscin control animals did not.

Centrophenoxine also generally improves brain function. It enhances neuronal glucose (the chief brain fuel) and oxygen uptake, while increasing carbon dioxide production. In addition, Centrophenoxine raises neuronal RNA (derived from DNA in the cell nucleus) which enables neurons to form proteins which help encode memory, as well as repair cell damage.

Centrophenoxine reverses the age-related drop in RNA and protein production. One study with 76 healthy elderly, who suffered from significant intellectual deterioration, found that Centrophenoxine increased storage of new information into long term memory, while also increasing vigilance and alertness, after only several weeks of treatment.

Elderly people with significant intellectual decline/ may need three to six 250mg tablets per day taken preferably with breakfast and lunch, in order to avoid insomnia. Healthy younger people may need only one or two 250mg tablets daily with breakfast or lunch. To avoid any slight acetylcholine excess occurring, it is wise take occasional breaks from dosage (say, one day a week).

Centrophenoxine is a powerful enhancer of brain and peripheral nervous system acetylcholine levels, and too much acetylcholine can lead to headaches, neck, jaw and shoulder muscle tension, insomnia, irritability and hyperexcitability, agitation and restlessness. If any of these occur, simply discontinue Centrophenoxine for a few days and then try a reduced dosage. Also, those with major depression, mania, seizure disorders or Parkinson's disease should avoid Centrophenoxine, as too much acetylcholine may worsen these conditions. Also, pregnant women should avoid Centrophenoxine.

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Centrophenoxine - formerly known as Lucidril increases the brain's use of glucose and improves brain energy levels. It also removes a potassium build up in the brain, heart, lung and skin cells, and is vital for the efficient communication of a cell to transfer potassium and sodium across its membranes. Centrophenoxine has shown an ability to remove the visible signs of excessive potassium build up - age or liver spots.


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